Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Education versus Learning

Education                                                           Learning
Process – pushed                                           Acquisition – pulled
Society driven                                               Personally driven
Imparting knowledge and skills                   Adopting knowledge and skills
Start and stop – an achievement                   Ongoing – a lifelong event
Formal                                                           Informal
Delivered from outside                                 Evolved from within
A set of standards                                         A view of surroundings
Teacher driven                                              Experience driven

Thursday, March 26, 2015

JumpStart Blended Learning in Your School District

JumpStart Blended Learning

Did you know that 70% of students say they learn the most in blended learning environments?1 Blended Schools Network offers a complete library of K-12 content, including over 190 courses, credit recovery options, literature modules and AP courses. For over 10 years we have been one of the most cost-effective content providers ensuring maximum student participation and success. Our uniquely flexible content puts teachers in charge of how it is used in the classroom.

Empower Teachers to Use Blended Learning Effectively

  • Teachers spend more classroom time on deeper instruction
  • Promotes personalized learning for every student
  • Improves outcomes by allowing students to move at their own pace
  • Get started quickly & easily with flexible online courses

We believe that teachers are the key to successful implementation – so we want to give up to 5 of your teachers access to our Jumpstart Blended Learning Course™ – free of charge!

Try aFree Online Personal Development Course

This two hour self-paced online course is designed for teachers who want to learn successful tricks & tips for implementing blended learning in their classrooms. See a preview of this course.
Act quickly to take advantage of this free course for up to five of your teachers. There are only 200 seats available, and it will fill up fast!

What Teachers Are Saying...

"Blended Schools Network's content allows me to spend more classroom time truly teaching. Now kids access content and learning at their own pace while I'm finally facilitating truly personalized learning."
Todd Ollendyke
Teacher – Upper St. Clair, PA



Friday, March 6, 2015

Huge Strategic Investment in Edtech!

For the past 15 months, we have run Sibling Group with little or no cash - completing two major acquisitions along the way in Blended Schools Network and Urban Planet Mobile. And after months of work, we finally closed on a substantial round of funding to give this company the fuel it needs to take off!

Sibling Group Announces Strategic Partnership for Global Growth; $3.75 Million Investment to Grow Business in China and Other Markets

DURHAM, NC--(Marketwired - Mar 6, 2015) - Sibling Group Holdings, Inc. (OTCQBSIBE) (the "Company") or ("Sibling Group"), an educational technology company, announced the formation of a strategic partnership and completion of a $3.75 million funding from Shenzhen City Qianhai Xinshi Education Management Co., Ltd. ("Shenzhen Times"), a People's Republic of China limited liability company and other accredited and institutional investors. The strategic investment is intended to accelerate Sibling's growth and expansion into critical strategic markets around the world, including China.
Shenzhen Times is an international education management and consulting company with its main business in education management consulting, enterprise management consulting, development and sale of computer network systems and technologies, computer software, electronics products and communications products.
"With Sibling Group's two recent acquisitions in Blended Schools Network and Urban Planet Mobile™, our next step is to secure the right funding mix to meet our aggressive growth targets," said Sibling Group Chief Executive Officer Brian OliverSmith. "We believe this strategic partnership with Shenzhen Times is the optimal way to achieve our goals of broader and deeper expansion into new markets, including China, the largest market in the world for education technology, and a central component to our growth strategy. This is great news for Sibling Group and all our stakeholders."
The deal comes on the heels of Sibling Group's recent acquisitions of Blended Schools Network, a K-12 online and blended learning company serving about 160 U.S. School Districts, and Urban Planet Mobile™, an education technology company that specializes in the creation and distribution of educational content and services across all mobile and digital platforms -- from basic phone and smartphone to tablet and computer.
Entering into collaboration with Shenzhen Times represents a significant step forward for Sibling Group as the Company aggressively grows its stake in the evolving global education landscape, particularly in strategic markets such as China.
Sibling Group Chairman Maurine Findley commented, "We are excited to take this important next step in positioning the Company for growth domestically and internationally. Our mission is to improve student outcomes in a cost effective manner and build value for all stakeholders. We are confident that our partnership with Shenzhen Times and its strategic investment should enable us to become a global leader in eLearning and mobile Education."
The terms of the $3.75 million strategic investment will be included in the Company's Form 8-K which is being filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission regarding this partnership and transaction.
About Sibling Group Holdings, Inc.:Sibling Group Holdings is an educational technology company with two subsidiaries, the Blended Schools Network (BSN) and Urban Planet Mobile™ (UPM), together uniquely positioned in the burgeoning global eLearning and mEducation markets. BSN provides benchmark quality online curriculum for the K-12 marketplace, complete hosted course authoring tools, professional development for teachers and a learning management system (LMS) environment. UPM's products and platform are utilized in over 40 countries and UPM remains one of the only education companies to offer products for delivery across all mobile and digital platforms.
For more information, visit
Safe HarborThis press release contains forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties concerning the plans and expectations of Sibling Group Holdings, Inc. and the Shenzhen Times strategic partnership and funding. These statements are only predictions and actual events or results may differ materially from those described in this press release due to a number of risks and uncertainties, some of which are out of our control. The potential risks and uncertainties include, among others, that the anticipated Shenzhen Times strategic partnership or the expectations of future growth may not be realized. These forward-looking statements are made only as of the date hereof, and neither Sibling Group Holdings, Inc. nor Shenzen Times undertakes any obligation to update or revise the forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. All forward looking statements are expressly qualified in their entirety by the "Risk Factors" and other cautionary statements included in Sibling Group Holdings, Inc.'s annual, quarterly and special reports, proxy statements and other public filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC"), including, but not limited to, the Company's Annual Report on Form 10-KT for the transition period ended June 30, 2014 which has been filed with the SEC and is available at the SEC's website at


Wednesday, March 4, 2015


cat·a·lyst (kad(ə)ləst) - An agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action

It is the absolute best when a customer defines what you do. I have been working with various education groups over the last few years to help them achieve their goals and one of the board members I worked with told me I was the catalyst that help them achieve success. 

We launched our site - - to help education companies achieve their goals. Check out this site and give me a call if you want education consulting, advising or investment services.  

We get stuff done. 

Friday, January 30, 2015

Sibling Group Holdings Acquisition - going International!

Sibling Group Completes Urban Planet Mobile™ Acquisition,
Appoints New CEO to Lead International Expansion

AUSTIN, Texas, January 30, 2014 -- Sibling Group Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: SIBE), (the "Company" or “Sibling Group”), an educational technology holding company and Urban Planet Media & Entertainment Corp. (“Urban Planet Mobile” or “UPM”), a privately held mobile media company providing high-value content and solutions in the education, healthcare and literacy markets, today jointly announced that they have completed a share exchange whereby Sibling Group has agreed to acquire Urban Planet Mobile for a combination of common stock and convertible preferred stock. The acquisition of Urban Plant Mobile is expected to further strengthen Sibling Group’s position in the global digital education market.

Urban Planet Mobile founder and CEO Brian OliverSmith will lead Sibling Group’s next phase of domestic and international growth as the Company’s new CEO and member of the board. OliverSmith, who will also be the largest shareholder of the combined company, succeeds Sibling Group CEO Maurine Findley who will serve as Sibling Group’s Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Winner of five global awards for mobile learning, including the 2011 GSMA Global Mobile Award for Best Mobile Learning Innovation, Urban Planet Mobile operates the UPM education software platform. The platform leverages digital and mobile technologies to reach all people across the globe, particularly those with limited or non-existent access to high-quality education.

“Joining Sibling Group positions the combined company for rapid growth in a global education market ripe for technology solutions that we believe we are uniquely positioned to deliver,” said OliverSmith. “We have a multi-faceted portfolio of products already used by millions of people around the world and combining Sibling’s Blended Schools Network content with that portfolio dramatically increases our sales potential. We are thrilled to be joining the Sibling Group family, and for the impact our combined solutions offer to people around the globe.”

With business in over 40 countries, Urban Planet Mobile™ is uniquely positioned to offer products for delivery across all mobile and digital platforms—from basic phone and smartphone to tablet and computer.”

“We could not be more pleased to formally begin our relationship with Urban Planet Mobile and its accomplished team and bring our Blended Schools Network programs to the international market,” said Findley, Sibling Group’s Chief Executive Officer. “UPM’s experience and reach in international markets and their ability to create and market high-quality learning solutions means they should drive value for Sibling Group from day one. We look forward to working with Urban Planet in the years ahead as we further establish ourselves as a global leader in education technology solutions.”

Urban Planet Mobile’s product offerings include:
-          Urban English®, a daily delivered audio English lesson. This lesson is delivered via SMS, email, IVR, WhatsApp, Twitter, and other social messenger services used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. UPM is currently delivering more than 400,000 English lessons daily around the globe.

-          Writing Planet, a comprehensive, automated assessment, web-based English writing development program created specifically for non-native English speakers. The underlying technology is calibrated to evaluate writing against the TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS and SAT levels and rubrics. Writing Planet is currently being used by universities such as Duke University and Michigan State University, international schools, as well as English learning programs in the U.S. and abroad in more than a dozen countries.

-          333 Words™, a new cross-platform, multi-media learning system initially used to deliver original English language learning on smartphones, tablets and computers. 333 Words utilizes video, audio, social sharing, voice recognition and analysis, and interactivity in all lessons.

-          Cristiano Ronaldo Fan Club + English for Champions, a mobile product available worldwide to more than 120 million Cristiano Ronaldo fans. Users receive exclusive daily Cristiano Ronaldo videos, wallpapers, fun facts, and an audio English lesson teaching common football phrases in English.
Final terms of the transaction include the issuance of 12,500,000 restricted common shares of the Company and 500,000 shares of Series A Convertible Preferred stock (“Preferred A”). Each Preferred “A” share is convertible into 20 shares of the Company’s common stock no sooner than 24 months from the date of issuance, at a conversion price of $.50 per common share. Upon completion of the share exchange and assuming full conversion of the convertible preferred stock, former shareholders of Urban Planet Mobile will own approximately 28.7% of the then issued and outstanding common stock of Sibling Group.

Adjustments to the Company’s board include the resignations of Amy Lance and Mack Leath in order to accommodate additional board adjustments anticipated in the near term.  The Company thanks Amy and Mack for their contributions.

About Sibling Group Holdings, Inc.:
Sibling Group Holdings, through its wholly owned subsidiary Blended Schools Network (BSN), provides benchmark quality online curriculum for the K-12 marketplace, complete hosted course authoring tools, professional development for teachers and a learning management system (LMS) environment.  The Company is focused on continuing its market expansion and new product development to meet the global trend towards leveraging educational technology to improve student performance.
About Urban Planet Mobile:
Urban Planet Mobile is a leading innovator of educational products created for mobile, tablet, and computer.  The company is a GSMA Global Mobile Award for Best Mobile Learning Innovation winner, a 2013 CODiE Award Finalist, a Frost & Sullivan Most Innovative App designee, a Gartner Cool Vendor in Education Technology, and the creator of the USAID funded MobiLiteracy™ program in Uganda. Urban Planet Mobile’s products are available worldwide, with business in 40 countries and growing. With its pioneering audio SMS with IVR delivery, the company’s mobile learning products can be accessed on mobile phones around the world.
Safe Harbor
This press release contains forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties concerning the plans and expectations of Sibling Group Holdings, Inc. and its planned acquisition of Urban Planet. Actual events or results may differ materially from those described in this press release due to a number of risks and uncertainties. The potential risks and uncertainties include, among others, that the anticipated acquisition of Urban Planet may not be completed or the expectations of future growth may not be realized. More information about potential factors that could affect our business and financial results is included under the captions, "Risk Factors" in the company's Annual Report on Form 10-KT for the transition period ended June 30, 2014 which has been filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") and available at the SEC's website at

Sibling Group Contact:
Richard Marshall, Chief Development Officer
Phone: (512)-329-1905