Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Finally Digital?

In an earlier post I reviewed the book, Liberating Learning by Terry Moe and John Chubb and pulled this quote from their predictions on the future:

Textbooks and other print resources will be free but online companion courses and tutoring will earn the money

And now we have McGraw-Hill Connect doing just that. They are producing online textbooks for college students with a host of add-ons including lecture capture, non-linear options for reading the material, instant grading and more. And the best part is that it is less than half the price.

We pay over $500 per semester for books so if every college professor provided this option it would save each college student $2,000. That is HUGE!!

So you save money, get more features, more customized learning and when the new edition comes out we don’t waste millions of trees making it far more environmentally friendly options.

Can we please get this nationwide now????