Friday, November 6, 2009

Learning Management Systems

Things are moving so fast in education technology right now that it is almost impossible to stay on top of everything. Here at ABCTE we just put out an RFP for an LMS - learning management system. We had a demo from one company and the low cost surprised us. So we decided to take a look as it would increase our ability to track our teachers and help us improve customer service to our school districts and our teachers.

We were pretty stunned to get 10 proposals. There are that many companies doing this now. One person told me that LMS is now a commodity and the only way to differentiate is to load it up with add-ons. With this much competition, I am looking forward to seeing what these companies have come up with.

This is an amazing time to be in education with so much technology hitting at the same time. More to come on others we have seen and who wins our RFP for the LMS.