Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Blended Learning

Nice little case study from the Innosight Institute on the VOISE Academy in Chicago which uses blended learning - virtual and live - to help students get back on track.

From the report on blended learning:

"VOISE, faculty and staff have found that online courses stimulate learning in the following ways:

  • Students are more engaged because of the multimedia content, interactivity, and frequent feedback.T
  • The active nature of learning stimulates feelings of ownership and empowerment in students.
  • Mastery-based curriculum ensures that students are learning as they progress through a course.
  • Online curriculum allows greater flexibility for different learning styles.
  • Rapid, unbiased feedback allows teachers to intervene as soon as students begin struggling with a concept"

The results show that these students are moving ahead of other students in Chicago schools. It is amazing to me as I travel around that more and more people are concluding that blended learning is the future and it will be in every school very soon.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Ed Tech moves forward!

One of the main reasons that the Scholarity team wanted me to help them bring their cutting edge education technology to market was my experience in test preparation. They felt like thtey could get some early traction to help them move this forward in other education areas. And so it is fitting that our first partnership is with a test preparation company in India. Turns out they have "tutoring" but it really isn't one on one - it is Tutoring in large classes.

With Scholarity the computer will now tutor the students ensuring that more students will have access to this great content. More to come on this partnership but an exciting first step!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Technology in education can hasten change if we connect with and build our tribes of supporters. That is the take-away for me after reading Seth Godin's book entitled Tribes. If you have not read his stuff, you are woefully behind the marketing curve. I read the book in preparation for training our team on how we can extend our reach, expand our revenue and build more support for our program without spending any more in marketing. Our goal in this training is really to challenge our current thinking and find ways to do more with less.

In the non-profit world Tribes are even more important. The fanatics who help you push your cause are absolutely critical. In ABCTE's case, we have tribes of political supporters, potential donors, school districts and of course our teachers. We just have to leverage technology to better align our tribes to help us achieve more.

I am looking forward to this team training. More to come as we will also cover Free, The Long Tail and Disrupting Class. Should be a pretty great day.