Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Blended Learning

Nice little case study from the Innosight Institute on the VOISE Academy in Chicago which uses blended learning - virtual and live - to help students get back on track.

From the report on blended learning:

"VOISE, faculty and staff have found that online courses stimulate learning in the following ways:

  • Students are more engaged because of the multimedia content, interactivity, and frequent feedback.T
  • The active nature of learning stimulates feelings of ownership and empowerment in students.
  • Mastery-based curriculum ensures that students are learning as they progress through a course.
  • Online curriculum allows greater flexibility for different learning styles.
  • Rapid, unbiased feedback allows teachers to intervene as soon as students begin struggling with a concept"

The results show that these students are moving ahead of other students in Chicago schools. It is amazing to me as I travel around that more and more people are concluding that blended learning is the future and it will be in every school very soon.