Friday, January 22, 2010

Apple Tablet for Education II

Interesting WSJ article on the Apple Tablet that points out the flaws of using the Kindle for higher ed. It is always more difficult to gain acceptance for a technology if another form has already had difficulty getting traction. From the article:

"In the academic arena, Apple could face hurdles wooing universities if the tablet doesn't meet their needs or isn't compatible with other computing devices that students are using.
Amazon had been hoping to target the market with its 9.7-inch screen Kindle DX e-book reader, for example, but schools said the device wasn't sufficiently interactive and lacked basics such as page numbers and color graphics.

One person familiar with the matter said Apple has put significant resources into designing and programming the device so that it is intuitive to share. This person said Apple has experimented with the ability to leave virtual sticky notes on the device and for the gadget to automatically recognize individuals via a built-in camera. It is unclear whether these features will be included at launch."

Interactive and great graphics - definitely a strenght of the Apple team so hopefully they can solve this problem and move the technology into education. Will my girls be being their college textbooks through iTunes in a year?

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