Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Creativity without knowledge is just not enough

Americans college students do not have the work ethic that students from other countries have says college professor Kara Miller in her recent editorial, My Lazy American Students in the Boston Globe. It has prompted over 600 responses so far as people are outraged at her and the situation.

Her opening line says it all - if students are going to play Halo 18 hours a day, they are not going to complete their work. I saw a blog recently that said that schools are not teaching to male students in a way that inspires them. I have two daughters in college and have visited and spoken with them a lot and unless professors are going to stand in front of the TV, they are not going to inpsire male students to study.

The most pampered generation is not used to being told to work and work hard. They are used to receiving trophies for showing up. So college is becoming more of a shock to these students. Educrats abhor memorization and want people to feel good about exploring subjects like math which once again says to these students, you don't have to work hard, just feel good.

Feeling good about a subject doesn't cut it in college. As Professor Miller states so clearly: "creativity without knowledge - a common phenomenon - is just not enough". We have both a knowledge gap and a work ethic gap. We see it every day here at ABCTE - people want to pass the program because they paid their money. They don't want to do the work, they don't want to learn how to write a coherent essay. They want the shortcut.

For the past ten years this country been economically stagnant. No movement on jobs and no movement on net worth. With this kind of education system, it is not surprising.