Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Textbookless College

Just got a note from a friend from the Kaplan days - Jon Williams - who just went to work for Flatworld Knowledge. For the literally tens of readers of my blog, you will recall that I was gouged $150 for a college algebra textbook this semester. Now I have no problem with buying new texts, but this was so wrong since I have not heard of any dramatic changes to college algebra that required this new edition at such a high price.

So Jon's company is creating open source text books in an entirely new business model that will save millions of other parents thousands of dollars in books. I spent $1,100 for one semester of books for two college students. We cannot say that we are making college accessible unless we bring the costs down. It looks like Flatworld will be the disruptive innovation that does just that.

Congrats Jon - and thanks for making college more affordable!!