Sunday, January 3, 2010

Virtual Open Source High School

Great article on a great concept in education - a virtual high school with open source curricula. Open High School in Utah is breaking new ground by using a mash up of materials to give kids what they really need in class. This to me is really the future. There is no one text that has what teachers want to teach. Allowing them to create a "best of" math class that truly fits the students and the teacher makes total sense. And no text means lower costs.

This is a group that is fully leveraging technology including BrainHoney which allows incredible, low-cost learning management systems. With no building and no texts, two huge costs are eliminated from the charter school budget making it much easier to devote more towards educating students.

I have met the team from Open High and they are passionate about students and understand that technology can really make the difference in student success. Keep an eye on this project - it will take off!