Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Atlernative Certification Tuition Grants

Teachers from alternative routes to certification like ABCTE, TNTP, TFA, Troops to Teachers, school district programs and community college based programs come from a similar demographics. They are older than most entry level teachers, they are more diverse and these programs attract more male teachers. They have incredible backgrounds that we desperately need in teaching and in ed leadership roles. I have studied alternative certification and seen first hand what how these teachers inspire our students.

We need them to succeed in order for our schools to be successful. When you change careers and take an entry level job in your new profession it is a hefty financial and professional burden. My first goal in arriving at the American College of Education was to put our resources towards helping these teachers advance faster.

How can they advance? School districts reward advanced degrees. They need an advanced degree that provides real world, relevant, job related, and researched based content to help these teachers excel at their new profession. So the logical next step for these teachers is to earn a quality master’s degree that respects their time and doesn’t cause them even more financial hardship.

So today the American College of Education launches our alternative teacher certification campaign! Our board of directors has authorized a limited number of $500 tuition grants totalling over $500,000 to teachers who came through high quality alternative certification programs!!

If you are a alt cert teacher or know one who is ready to take the next step, please go to the link below to claim your grant:
The campaign will end on June 1, 2010 – so if you are ready for your master’s or know someone who is ready, please send them to the websites.