Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Higher Ed's achilles

I was going to write my own slant on both the article and the blog entry found in The Quick and the Ed but there is nothing more to say. So please read both when you get a chance so you can gain keen insight into why the current university system is going to go down to online universities with great outcomes at significantly lower costs (like American College of Education - see previously blatant seo link).

The money quote on what college leaders are doing wrong from the interview:
  • "the biggest mistake is not linking the use of new technoloyg to saving costs"
The money quote from the blog entry:
  • "but eventually things are going to get ugly in a business where not only is there no relationship between what services cost and what customers are charged, and not only are the people providing the service ignorant of the cost, but there are active cultural norms discouraging those people from asking questions about cost or even considering concepts like efficiency in the way they work"
Wow - I say right on the mark both as a person paying for 2 college educations right now and an active participant in bringing sanity to the higher ed market.