Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Master's for the Alternatively Certified

Having spent the last five years of my life focusing on increasing the opportunities for career changers to become teachers, it is fitting that my first assignment here at the American College of Education is to help teachers with an alternative certification become even more successful. Alternatively certified teachers have to enter the teaching career ladder on the lowest rung. The average age of these teachers is around 35, so they are looking to move up the career ladder as soon as possible.

How can they accomplish this? One of the most efficient ways is to earn their master’s degree. With an advanced degree these teachers can improve their teaching practice, increase career opportunities, move up the salary schedule and increase student learning. Since they have just started teaching, what they really need is an affordable, accessible, high quality master’s degree from an accredited college.

And that is where the American College of Education programs come in. Alternative certification provides a great entry point into teaching and a master’s degree from a premier online institution is the logical next giant step forward.

More to come as we look to help more alt cert teachers succeed.