Wednesday, April 21, 2010

AAE rolling the blog

Association of American Educators has cranked up the blog with one of my favorite topics - alternative teacher certification. Take a read as the first story centers around New York - the latest to get fed up with ed schools that are not moving the profession forward.

This is a pretty stunning development with the Board of Regents has deciding it will now issue master's degrees to program completers in TFA and TNTP. Wow - talk about stepping OUT! Can't wait for the ed comparisons to law, med and nursing - would the bar issue a law degree to someone from an alternative program......actually that is not a bad idea! Let's do it!

I digress - AAE is a great professional teacher organization with a solid start to their blog and a phenomenal new website so check it out. And if you are a member of AAE make sure you check out our new relationship for master's in teaching.