Thursday, April 1, 2010

ABCTE alternative certification discount for master's

One of the first things I did when I arrived at American College of Education was to set up a discount for ABCTE teachers to earn their M.Ed. degrees. So if you ABCTE teachers are ready to move into leadership our up the career ladder, head on over and get your $500 tuition reduction.

If you are not an ABCTE alum but still a teacher from alternative certification? You can still get the same program for a $500 tuition reduction if you have come through any alt cert route into teaching.

ABCTE teachers and teachers from alternative certification programs deserve a master’s program created by educators for educators that cuts the costs for advanced degrees focused on student achievement. The program must:
· Be relevant, engaging, with real world content delivered online on your time
· Be focused on improving student achievement
· Be efficient without overwhelming: one class every six weeks to complete in 15 months
· Be affordable and not require 10 more years of student loans
· Have received highest level of program accreditation

So head on over and enroll - this program ends June 1, 2010 - so please don't delay.