Monday, April 5, 2010

Moving Online

"Let's move learning online" is the subtitle of a great article in the Washington Post from Reason Foundation's Katherine Mangu-Ward. I am little late on highlighting this piece, mainly because my real job is pushing more teachers to study online a keeping me quite busy.

The interesting thing is how moving online is becoming more maintstream like all education reforms. People no longer raise concerns of quality - yet. But we have 3.5 million teachers who don't know how to teach online and aren't all that great at technology. One of my friends here told me her teacher doesn't know how to use email - when she emails the teacher, she gets a note back from her son. As online learning moves to scale, we are going to run out of the teachers who are great with technology.

Technology training for teachers is critical if we are to finally move portions of learning online to increase student achievement and finally speak to digital natives in their tongue.