Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New York Times at it again

I am really getting fed up with the New York Times. In this Ron Lieber article "Placing the Blame as Students are Buried in Debt" they lament the awful plight of a women's studies major at NYU who now can't earn enough to pay off her student loans.


They blame the banks and school for not counseling her on financial planning. How about a little academic counseling - as in, don't pile up debt for a major that prepares you for nothing!!

Parents get sucked into this so-called American dream of going to the best school and then studying what interests you. We scream about Wall Street taking our investment dollars - but where is the outrage of losing your total investment of $100,000 on a worthless degree?!?!

Obama wants for-profit universities to prove their degrees could provide enough earnings power to cover the loans - how about NYU prove the same thing!! Would definitely not happen in this case.