Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Online College Classes

I came across this article today that talks about high school students not having access to summer classes. These "cash-strapped" school districts are cutting off classes to students, which in the long run will set many students back. I know a lot of people who like to get a stay ahead so summer classes are a great way to keep going in school.

This summer a lot of my friends were unable to find jobs - including me! The economy is still down and most of the jobs college students seek out are already taken by others living in the area . When I realized I wasn't going to have a summer job I took a different route. I looked through my transcript and realized that I could take summer classes to get ahead of the game. I could choose the more expensive solution but a company called StraighterLine offers college online courses that are inexpensive and easy for a student to start and finish on their time. I think that summer online college courses are a great way for a high school student to get ready for freshmen year or a college student to get one or two of those general education courses out of the way. Either way college online courses are a huge time saver and much more inexpensive than paying through a university.