Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back to School

August is right around the corner and as summer comes to an end the one thing on every student's mind is back to school. Back to school for me means writing down the things I need to prepare for school such as books, a meal plan, and my courses' syllabus. However, there are other students or adults out there that need student loans or financial aid in order to prepare for going back to school. There are other options out there for those that are wanting to go back to school but can't afford to start at a community college or university because if they do they'll be in a huge pile of debt by the end of the four years.

This back to school season a perfect thing to have on the "back to school list", like the one you had when you were a kid, is online college courses that don't cost thousands of dollars. StraighterLine offers courses like this that are the equivalent to a freshmen year. If I would have known about StraighterLine before entering college I would have taken their online courses for my freshmen year then gone to the university I wanted to. It would have saved my parents a lot of money and I would have been able to work while getting the courses I needed. Going back to school can be easier for those who don't want to be in debt!