Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sanity and Higher Ed

Could it be that sanity is creeping slowly into higher education? It appears so in this blog on paying for college about an op ed in the Dallas Morning News today. The recession is causing people to reflect on the benefits of dropping $200,000 so a person can "find themselves".

And more and more parents are wondering if it is worth paying so much money for a women's studies degree or a sports management degree. When they really look at it, the answer is no.

It would be wonderful if we could all spend four years having a blast and getting in touch with our strengths and weaknesses. But the reality is that you can't spend that kind of money or pile on that kind of college debt without some indication that you will get some return on your investment. In a tight job market - people with useful majors win.

College is too expensive to waste. Getting students to pay half so they understand the magnitude of the investment is a great idea. Even his son focusing on an arts degree is making sure that every course counts towards the degree in his chosen field.

Universities are going to have to adapt to the new reality - and adapting is not one of their strengths.