Monday, November 15, 2010

ABC News For-Profit Education Sting

ABC News is back at it again - catching for-profit universities lying to get students.  In this case it was Remington College telling convicted felons that they could have a satisfying career in criminal justice.  It was one of their own professors that turned them in.  So ABC tried to enroll after telling the recruiter they had a criminal record and were told that they could not be a police office but could go into the field.

Really.  You are going to try and recruit felons into your Criminal Justice degree program?

So they next went to DeVry and tried to say that their recruiters are lying.  Except they really are not lying - they are reporting employment statistics on their graduates at 88% in their field of study.  Pretty cool - though a lot of those students are already employed in their field of study before they come to DeVry - so what?  THEY HAVE JOBS IN THEIR FIELD OF STUDY ABC!!  That is a good thing.

They must have been really bummed when they called Phoenix - because they called twice and couldn't get a recruiter to lie about getting a New York teaching certificate through Phoenix.

The headline was recruiters caught offering bad advice.  Really - are our college students getting great advice at non-profit, public universities?   Is that why we have so many women's studies majors looking for jobs?

No one should enroll felons in criminal justice degree programs.  But other than that, it looks like the For-Profit education industry is making a lot of progress cleaning up some issues.