Monday, November 29, 2010

For Profit vs Non Profit University

People love to bash for-profit colleges and universities - like Ed Trust in the blog I posted earlier. 

Isn't it amusing that Private Non-Profits are just as evil?  Joanne Jacobs has a post about a student who found herself $200,000 in debt with a sociology degree and no way to pay for it!!  Very similar to the Women's Study major from NYU who found herself $100,000 in debt and had trouble paying for it with her $12 an hour photographers assistant job!

In both cases the students received no advice on finances.  If these were for-profit schools, the outrage would be extreme with calls for regulations on these evil empires.  But it seems because these are non-profit private schools, it is the students fault.

It is time to hold all schools accountable, not just for-profits.