Friday, November 12, 2010

Higher Ed Virtual Learning Stopped by Higher Ed

"We have met the enemy and he is us!"  Great new article in the Chronicle of Higher Education stating:

"The biggest factors holding back the expansion of online programs at the 183 responding colleges? Lack of instructors and support personnel (61%) and budget cuts (56%).  67% reported having growth plans fettered by "student demand for online courses which exceeds the capacity to provide these courses."

Glacial pace - and for students who are used to the Internet age of limitless choices, going to college is incredibly frustrating.  Schools feel that cramming 400 students in an auditorium is a fine way to learn but resist putting that course online?

This is why for-profit schools are taking market share.  They are meeting the actual demand of the consumer - online classes that meet the student's schedule, not the college schedule.  If colleges and universities don't start putting more towards online classes, they will continue to lose their customers.

One amazing solution is American University System which partners with colleges to move their graduate and undergraduate programs online.  This true partnership reduces the up-front costs and increases the revenue for the school.  In the era of budget slashing, it allows our schools to meet the demand of their students.