Tuesday, November 9, 2010

International Grad Students UP

I worked for Kaplan in the Pre-9/11 world where International Students where are great way to grow your graduate business. They needed TOEFL scores and help with the GMAT and we saw tremendous growth until some terrorists decided to use education as a way to tear our country apart.

It is interesting to see the numbers coming up according to Inside Higher Ed - International Grad students are up 3% this year.  After huge dips in India and Korea last year, they are only down slightly this year and China is up 20%. 

Not good - in the world of 100% online degrees - shouldn't we be capturing even more of this market?  And students wouldn't even have to leave their home country!  In this global economy, education should be one of our greatest exports and we need to capitalize on this before China or India beats us to the punch.