Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Less Money, More Students = stagnation

Joanne Jacobs reports that Community Colleges get less money, more students from a Washington Post article.  Boiling it down to the relevant numbers as we do here at VirtuLearning:
  1. 35 states cut higher education budgets in 2010
  2. 31 states report they will cut higher education budgets again in 2011
  3. VA cut $105 million from community colleges since 2008 - while enrollment increased by 26,000 students
  4. CA cut 8% across the board  and 140,000 students were turned away
  5. NY community colleges had a waiting list
  6. 2010 - College of Southern Nevada turned away 5,000 students
  7. College of Southern Nevada has a waiting list for ever biology, physical science and math class
Less money + more students = bottlenecks in classes = LESS graduates.  High school graduates are being told to get a college degree.  But safety schools are tough to get into and the old standby doesn't have room for them?  Are we surprised that for-profits have astronomical growth? 

President Obama says we will have more graduates than any other country yet they continue to attack institutions that can deliver on that promise.  It is time to work together - for profit and non-profits to serve our high school graduates.