Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One Third of College Grads regret their Major

Another no-duh moment in American surveys.  In a tight job market, 36% of workers with a job wish they had chosen a different major according to a CareerBuilder survey. One in five workers with a college degree still have not found a job in their desired field. 

I was with another school representative the other day who asked a military student what he wanted to study - the student answered history - the representative asked him if he was going to open a History store some day. 

The point being - when a college degree costs upwards of $100,000 you cannot waste your time 'finding yourself.  You have to invest the money to set yourself up doing something you want that can actually earn you a living.  Otherwise, don't invest the money.

Get a real major and get a job.  Or don't - but don't be shocked when you can't find a decent job in psychology or history.  There are too many other applicants out there that have the right training for the job I need filled today.