Monday, November 8, 2010

Where was NoteUtopia when I was in College

Having a wandering mind in my youth - the only way for me to pay attention in class was to take copious notes.  I would rarely have to use the notes because once I took them, I stored the information.  If only NotUtopia was around then (and the internet in general) - I could have sold my notes in a wonderful example of free market education.

And as is often in the case in free market education, the education establishment must immediately squash it. Only California would have an actual law that prohibits selling class notes.  But who owns the notes I take in class? 

Once again, the virtual world is shaking up the status quo.  They can continue to pass laws to try to hold on to the dated classroom methodology  - but students just find another way to use technology to make this massively inefficient system more efficient.  And the pace of change is accelerating.