Monday, December 20, 2010

Early College hurting for bucks, improving students

Early College programs are having to shut down because of three things:
  1. Gates shifted their focus and cut off funding after $119 million
  2. States are not picking up the tab
  3. Organizations didn't find a way to become self-sufficient
When the money was flowing, this was spreading - but now the money is cut off.  No one thought to build a cost effective system leveraging technology that could be sustainable.  So the students lose.

Edweek has the details.  It is sad because these programs were working. From the article:

"Meanwhile, in two large-scale randomized, controlled studies of early-college high schools, researchers are finding that such schools have increased access to college for underrepresented students and enabled them to succeed in postsecondary education"

There is so much waste in high school.  Giving students increased access to college programs while in high school gets them better prepared and reduces the cost/time in college.  It would be great if the last semester of high school was all college work and could set students up for 3 years of college (instead of 6 which seems to be the target of most).  This could significantly reduce the financial impact of earning a college degree.