Friday, December 17, 2010

GI Bill 2.0 - new authority to bar for-profit schools

Interesting change to the Post 9/11 GI Bill now called GI Bill 2.0 - it gives authority to the Secretary of Veterans affairs to deny a school participation in the program.  In the past, the VA had to accept any state approved institution - the state had the authority, not the VA.  The new change to the GI Bill was modified to give greater powers to the VA if it thinks an institution is being too aggressive in their marketing or dealings with Service members and Veterans.

IAVA  says that this clause is one of the reasonsons why Veteran's group supported S. 3447 when some were calling it a gift to online schools.  The gift was that all students now receive the housing allowance.  The housing benefit can be about $12,000 a year to a full time student but in the old version, online students were prohibited from receiving this benefit.  This hurt disabled Veterans who cannot attend class at a brick and mortar school as well as Veterans working full time and going to school.  The need online schools to meet their needs. 
The compromise was passed yesterday:  allow all Veterans to get the housing allowance, reduce the maximum allowed payment to any school and give greater authority to the VA to shut down schools that abuse.

Democracy in action - that worked for all with bi-partisan support.  Wow!