Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Michelle Rhee and the Rhetoric - the new cool for funders

Michelle Rhee is a great person.  I met her know that she truly cares about educating children.  But do we really need another organization raising money to change education?  I mean don't we have enough ed reform groups out there?  Couldn't she join an existing organization? 

Education needs to change and she has great ideas on how to get that done and has the pulpit to make it happen.  But we need to better coordinate education reform to get things done.  She could have been so much more effective if she took over another organization, absorbed some others into an uber-reform group destined to make a mark.

There are only so many funders and a limited amount of money that will go into education reform organizations.  Having a high profile person take a huge chunk (really - a billion dollars??) - means that many organizations will be starved.  In the Philanthropic community there is a a lot of wanting to be a part of what is the latest cool reform idea.  It will not be surprising to see many of them line up to hang out with the cool kids.

And Michelle Rhee and the Rhetoric is cool.  Until the next big change in education organization comes along splitting the put up into even smaller pieces.