Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2 year programs out-earn 4 year schools

For years I have been telling parents - it's all about the degree!  If you get a degree in women's studies from NYU your life will be no better than someone with a 2 year vocational degree.  But I really only had anecdotal evidence to back it up. 

Until I saw this post from Joanne Jacobs at Community College Spotlight.  Let's look at the bullets:
  • Bachelor degree recipients at the 11 public universities averaged $36,552 in 2009
  • Associate degree recipients from the community colleges averaged $47,708 in 2009
OUCH - why the huge difference?? Community colleges offer training in high demand health-care fields. 

Even private colleges and university graduates earn more - $44,558 compared to the $36,552.  When asked why, FIU's provost says that those schools focus on degrees where people can make a living.

If you are going to invest a ton of money in a car, you want to make sure it can get you somewhere - - why don't we take the same care in choosing a major?