Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Can 1% of our students dominate a global economy?

I think the answer is no - but only 1% of 12th grade students are advanced according the recently released NAEP - 2009 Science scores.  Even taking into account the apathy factor that our students don't really care, there should be enough passionate future scientists to do better than this.  On that plus side, 60% of our students are at or above basic and 21% are above proficient.

8th Grade
  • 37% below basic
  • 63% at or above basic
  • 30% at or above proficient
  • 2% advanced
4th Grade
  • 28% below basic
  • 72% at or above basic
  • 34% at or above proficient
  • 1% at advanced
If I'm Microsoft, I guess I am keeping my relationships in in India very strong so we have the staff to compete in 10 years. 

I am so sick of hearing about how we need to make a change and Sputnik moments and yet the scores are continually dismal.  We need to push more Science early to increase the passion in our middle school students.  Programs like Laying the Foundation are providing the teaching skills and equipment to make a difference - so let's get them in every school!