Thursday, January 13, 2011

College = Job...not so fast

Robert Pondiscio has a great post over at Core Knowledge entitled, You Want Fries with that B.A?  Kudos for the title with emphasis on the B.A. part. (note:  blog is based on a CATO study/blog post by Neal McClusky)  The bottom line:
  • 33% of college grads hold a job that does not require a college degree
College could become the largest bait and switch scam in the history of the world.  We tell everyone that they have to go to college to be trained to fill the jobs of the future and that we don't have near enough college grads.  But then they graduate and....
  • 17.39% are porters and bellhops
  • 16% are bartenders
  • 16.64% are administrative assistants
  • 15.15% are hired drivers
Those jobs required an education investment of over $100,000???  Wow! 

As I stated in the comments they need to find out the college major of our graduates who are working these jobs.  Based upon previous posts here and here  - my guess is it is sociology or women's studies.