Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Idaho - reforming education through the budget

I am still trying to figure out if twitter is a complete waste of time - but every once in a while you get some great information.  This morning, Idaho Education Superintendent Tom Luna is basically tweeting his education policy through the budget requests.  One line item at a time.  It actually works pretty well so congrats to Tom for finding a great use for twitter.

His goal is to bring education in Idaho into the 21st Century without raising taxes.
  1. $4,850,000 a year to recruit and retain highly qualified teachers in math and science
  2. $963,500 a year for high school juniors to take the ACT and SAT
  3. $6,000 per classroom to ensure students have the technology to prepare and manage more students with 40% for hardware, 40% for software, 20% for professional development
  4. $4,700,000 a year for laptops for every 9th grader plus the necessary maint, repair and tech support
  5. $800,000 a year for teacher training and curriculum integration
  6. $842,000 a year in dual credit classes in the senior year (nice!)
  7. Increase minimum teaching salary in the state to $30,000
  8. Implement pay for performance based on academic growth with bonus amount of between $2,000 and $8,000 a year in 2013 with a budget of $38 million, subsequent years - $51 million
  9. Implement bonuses for hard to staff positions determined at he local level
  10. Fall 2011 - the state will require the student funding to follow the student!
Ambitious which is not surprising if you know Tom!  Go Idaho!