Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stimulus gone = layoff for 290 Teachers in Dallas

From the Dallas Morning News and to the surprise of no one - once the stimulus dollars are gone, so are the jobs.  On top of that, there could be $250 million more in budget cuts from the state. 

The 290 teachers were hired in 2009 when the city scored $105 million on stimulus - but we knew it would only last two years.  So instead of properly preparing for the continued recession by streamlining operations, the federal government dangled the irresistible carrot and the district spent more. 

Texas districts received $3.5 billion in stimulus funds  - and now that is gone and the state is facing $10 billion in cuts. 

So let's recap - the district has a spending problem and 82% of the spending is payroll so the feds give them more money.  Isn't that like giving someone a huge piece of cake right before they start a very strict diet?  Seems like a waste.