Monday, January 10, 2011

Things do happen outside of DC

When I was in DC, it alwasy amazed me that people inside the Beltway believe that what they did had far reaching affects throughout the country.  But then I would go to Florida or Missouri and speak with education leaders and they had no clue what was happening in DC and couldn't care less.

All eeducation change is truly local.

When I came to Texas, I met with Hanna Skandera who was with me at Best Associates and then went over to Laying the Foundation (LTF).  LTF is doing some really great things - outside of DC!!  Finding outstanding teacher professional development is difficult it seems - but her is an organization that is getting teachers to focus on creating more student success on the AP tests.  Creating a well trained teaching corps that helps students get a jump on college courses is pretty incredible.  My daughters learned how to study in their AP classes.  Hanna was going to lead LTF to the next level and take it nation wide.  I was so excited about this, I was going to volunteer to help her as an unpaid consultant. 

But New Mexico called her!  She is now going to be the New Mexico's Public Education Secretary !  THIS IS A BIG DEAL!  Hanna is the consummate education reformer who really cares about student success, fully understands education measurement systems and can navigate the politics through sincerity and honesty (politicians have a hard time handling those characteristics). 

Exciting times in the Texas and New Mexico - so to all my DC Ed Friends - keep an eye out down here.  LTF is going to be everywhere soon and Hanna is going to help New Mexico charge ahead.