Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ed Schools want output - reformers push inputs in rating

Seems like the last thing Education Schools want is to be graded on their performance.  It's counter-intuitive since they teach teachers how to grade students.  But NCTQ in partnership with US News is going to start giving grades and Brian Kelly hits the nail on the head that this "is an industry that does not want to be examined".

Kudos to Kate Walsh and the Broad Foundation for pushing this even though it is not perfect yet.  The most ironic part of the article is Sharon Robinson representing colleges of education complaining this is not an output based system.  It's funny cause it's true. 

The status quo is complaining because the reformers are not output based enough!  Funny.

Many states are following Louisiana and Florida's lead and rating colleges of education based on their graduate's student performance.  In the end, we don't really care what reading book they used in college, as long as their students learn. 

Hopefully we can get annual reports on all colleges on how students of their graduates perform.  Until then - it's good to have a rating system because what is measured is where people focus their efforts.