Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gainful Employment creates Bi-Partisan Ire

Rick Hess has a great blog on the gainful employment vote in the House.  The vote was 289 to 136 to block the "ham-handed efforts to selectively regulate the eligibility of students at for-profit colleges".  Even Pelosi voted for stopping gainful employment along with the Congressional Black Caucus which feels it will stifle opportunities for nontraditional students.

Hess is against the gainful employment reg because it is not well thought out and it is punishing for-profits for doing what the fed wanted them to do - ensure access for all to higher education (does this sound a little like housing for all and the mess that created).  If you incentivize and industry to provide education or housing for all, they will do it.

The advice from Hess is sound:
" The answer is not to lash out at for-profits that have been responding to federal incentives and operating in accord with federal rules. It's not to change the rules for some institutions while giving others a free pass. It's not to covertly encourage institutions to turn away aspiring students even as the President insists that every American ought to attend some college. It is to rethink the incentives and rules, for public and private institutions alike, so that we're encouraging good actors and addressing the bad ones--whatever their tax status."

And this was one of his shorter blog posts!  Right to the point and right on point - thanks Rick.