Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No Snow Days for the Virtual Class

Great article in St. Louis journal how students are going to class even on snow days to make sure they can master the content they need to succeed. Students completed a review for the AP History test even though schools were closed that day through a virtual review session held by their teacher. 

Anyone familiar with AP History knows there is an incredible amount of content that needs to be reviewed so the students have a chance at hitting a high enough grade to place out of taking history in college.   So one snow day does make a difference and it is the students in this case that were concerned because the test is on May 6th. 

Through the wonders of virtual learning, they didn't miss the day and were able to continue their review.  Blended learning is the key - from weather, to reviews, to credit recovery and summer school - virtual learning offers a far better way to ensure that all students have access to a great learning experience.