Monday, February 21, 2011

Online Credit Recovery Exploding

Great article in edweek by Michelle Davis, "Online Credit Recovery Emphasizes Personalized Learning". The main focus is that in Los Angeles over 2,500 students took online credit recovery compared to about 300 last year and many other large districts are following.

The benefits of online credit recovery, especially in a world of severe budget cuts eliminating summer school, are that students can go at their own pace, lessons can focus on weakness areas and students do not have the embarrassment of summer school are sitting through the class again.  Performance tracking has shown that online credit recovery is equal to or better than sitting through the class again. 

Chattanooga is taking it a step further - using credit recovery classes as an intervention BEFORE the student fails!

And the money quote from the online coordinator: "I would love to see us do so much more of this," she said. "It's a no-brainer."

Amazing how long it takes American education to implement no-brainers.