Friday, February 11, 2011

Over Rhee-action: Day 5

A story gets legs when it moves from the blogosphere to the papers.  Today the Washington Post takes a look the at OverRhee-action. In this article she admits that she should not have stated a percentage growth on her resume, just that her students had solid growth.  So without saying she lied on her resume, it appears clear that she did.

There is OverRhee-action on both sides of this issue.  It is not a big deal - but because reformers anointed her the Goddess Of All Things Education (GOATE - for the acronym lovers and it is Friday), she has to be perfect to live up to the hype. 

Now it appears that an independent arbitrator has ordered DC to reinstate 75 new teachers fired in by Rhee in 2008.  There was a "glaring and fatal flaw" in this Rhee-action because the teachers were not given reasons for their terminations.  They were invincible and right in 2008 so they didn't do their homework and now it is coming back to bite the city - and Rhee is no longer there to deal with the mess which could cost the city $7.5 million.

Wow - not a good week.