Tuesday, March 8, 2011

3 States Push for Virtual Learning

Idaho, Utah and Florida all are pushing hard to increase virtual learning opportunities for all students.

First in Idaho - Idaho Superintendent Tom Luna is pushing to require every student to take an online course before they graduate  - but Senate Bill 1113 stalled in committee which is just sad.

Then Utah - SB65 passed the Senate but need help to move forward and pass in the house (so if you know of someone there, get them to get loud!)  Clayton Christensen, author of Disrupting Class, has an op ed in the Salt Lake Paper: "With the legislation now moving through the Utah House of Representatives — Utah has a significant opportunity to drive this innovation forward by leaps and bounds."

Now Senator Wise in Florida just launched  a bill  which will require all students to take at least one online class.  Florida leads the nation in online learning and they are about to easily double that!!  GO Florida!!  But let's make sure there is more than one provider - such as my friends over at VirtualEDU - because Florida Virtual admits in the article that they are having trouble handling the growth.

Progress is always painful -but it is great to see so many states goin virtual in a big way.

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