Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Education Unsustainable

The impact of the budget woes in this country are going to seriously impact higher education funding and we keep hearing the word unsustainable.  First as it relates to military funding for education and now from the Chronicle on Pell Grants:

"As Congress grapples with a $10.7-billion shortfall in the Pell Grant program, some lawmakers are beginning to ask whether the program, which has been the cornerstone of the federal system of student financial aid for almost 40 years, has become unsustainable.

The cost of Pell Grants has doubled over the past three years, largely because of increases in the number of recipients and growth in the maximum award. This year some 9.4 million students are expected to receive the grants"

Cuts can come in two ways - reduce the maximum award and/or reduce the number of students.  More to come as our unsustainable budget woes increase.