Wednesday, March 2, 2011

GAO Investigates: DoD Education Funds

Full scoop on the GAO Investigation of DoD Education Funding is over at the EduMilitary Blog - not really as interesting or as scathing as the investigation of for-profit schools - but should still concern some. 

The key, once again, is that for-profit schools do follow the money.  If there are $515 million and over 300,000 students and 71% demand online classes - - for-profit schools are going to be there.  Putting some quality controls in the hands of DoD is probably OK, but do we really need to have another system and more people monitoring?  Can't the Ed department take care of it and report to DoD? 

Seems like they are going to build more rules and make it harder on the small schools to participate while the large ones quickly use their vast financial resources to conquer the new process.