Monday, March 21, 2011

Khan Academy - serious disruptive

Finally watched the TED video of Salman Khan: Let's use to video to reinvent education. Great idea to turn education its head - do homework in school and watch lectures at home.  His thought is that having the lectures on video makes it easier for students to start, stop, rewind, go back to content they have forgotten and just go at their own pace.  Then the teachers and other students can help coach through the problems.  Radical and fascinating education ideas.

The other fundamental difference - getting 10 in a row right in order to move on.  True mastery - for those who are behind, they actually have to master the content before moving on.  And he has data.  The "slow kids" suddenly become advanced about 5 weeks in. 

Technology in education is moving so fast that companies once thought to be leading edge could also be left hind.  It is going to be a wild ride.