Friday, March 4, 2011

Launch your Virtual High School

Great new group out there called VirtualEDU which is offering turnkey virtual schools to school districts, charter schools, private schools and education organizations/entrepreneurs.  For larger organizations, they will work on a profit share with NO up front costs.

Think about this.......
  1. School Districts can open their own virtual school with zero initial investment and keep most of the per student dollars in the district instead of going to other schools.  They can also help home school students and get more per student revenue what
  2. Independent schools, like Catholic Schools, can provide their service state-wide helping out rural areas and increase their revenue to ensure they can continue to serve well into the future - instead of losing students to their virtual competition
  3. Charter Schools can offer online summer school, credit recovery, blended learning without a huge upfront investment
  4. Education organizations and entrepreneurs could have their own private school up and running in a matter of weeks.
This is pretty 'disruptive' stuff - more to come but looking forward to hearing about the first to figure out that their brick & mortar can now compete in the virtual world without spending a ton to get there.