Friday, March 11, 2011

Senate Hearing on Bridgepoint

Ariel Sokol from UBS covereed the Senate hearin gon Bridgepoint education and I was very glad to see that the hearing really ended up looking at accrediting bodies.  As I pointed out in my Edumilitary blog, we don't need new regulations or new groups to resolve problems in higher education, we need regional accreditation to mean something. 

The hearing really focused on how Ashford maintains regional accreditation with such a low graduation rate (ignoring that public schools graduate less than 50% as well).  To me, this is good news.  The House will not allow any legislation against for-profit schools to pass which is good.  But the industry needs some quality improvements and beefing up the metrics that regionally accrediting groups use would help. 

Sure to be more to come - but let's make sure that regional accreditation means something!