Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Virtual Learning for ALL students

Great press release from VirtualEDU creating a new program to help more students study online - ALL 200 full accredited online high school and middle school courses are available to students for a subscription rate of less than $50 per month. 

If you look at the numbers it is pretty incredible.  The up front cost of a $1,000 per course was keeping students out of online programs.  But bringing the price down to just $49.95 per month is creating a flood of new students to VirtualEDU.

Price was preventing students from enrolling!

I got involved with VirtualEDU because I firmly believe that online learning should leverage technology to lower costs and provide quality education for ALL students.  This press release clearly shows that VirtualEDU is doing just that.

They have also created turnkey virtual schools for charter schools, independent schools, school districts and education entrepreneurs can use to open their own school in months.  This is a great idea for Catholic schools who are hurting in this economy - they can open their own virtual school and attract students from all over the state.

Virtual school is coming  - and opening access to all will increase the speed of adoption.