Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Social Media in Education

After week one at Laying the Foundation, it became apparent that we are the best kept secret in education - what a perfect opportunity to use social media to get the word out.

So we have launched twitter @ltftraining, and our facebook page, blog and forums are coming.  So we are starting from scratch and will see how fast we can ramp up.

The goal of social media in education has to be to improve your performance metrics.  In our case, we want to increase:
  1. The number of teachers going through our pre-AP programs
  2. The effectiveness of those teachers by creating a full community of LTF teachers
Right now our website gets about 233 unique hits per day - pretty low.  So come along for the ride as we use social media for our non-profit education teach training group to take it to the next level!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Broad Finalist Ysleta ISD uses LTF!

Ysleta ISD is a Broad Finalist this year and we are hoping for the best here at Laying the Foundation.  One of the areas of focus to become a Broad Finalist is to:

"Improving college readiness, as evidenced by graduation rates, SAT and ACT exam scores and participation rates, and Advanced Placement exam participation and passing rates"

LTF has been working for Ysleta for over 5 years providing teacher training and resources for grades 6 through 12 to help better prepare students for AP participation and testing.  Quite a testimony to the long term impact of working with LTF.

A great day for our team!

How do you improve AP performance? Start in Middle School!

Laying the Foundation (LTF) believes that AP performance starts with training Pre-AP teachers. From our materials:

Research shows that teachers are the key ingredient to improving student performance. For this reason, LTF provides a comprehensive teacher training program that ensures teachers have the strategies, pedagogy, and content knowledge necessary to raise the level of instructional rigor.

Laying the Foundation does not provide a curriculum. LTF’s approach is to provide, in conjunction with the teacher training program, an extensive and ever-growing collection of lessons, labs, projects, and formative assessments that can be used to raise the level of instructional rigor of any curriculum. This feature allows districts to make the critical curricular decisions about how LTF materials are embedded into the existing curriculum to meet the Common Core Standards.
More to come but you should have LTF in your state / district.

Monday, April 4, 2011

New CEO for Laying the Foundation!

It is official as of today, Dave Saba is the new CEO of Laying the Foundation - press release here.

In a brief note sent to supporters:

Exciting times in education and for me personally as I am humbled and honored to take over today as CEO for Laying the Foundation – a non-profit teacher training group based in Dallas that has already trained over 31,000 teachers to advance their practice in math, science and English. Our goal is to improve math and science performance on AP testing by providing a solid foundation for students in grades 6 through 12. We work with affiliates in Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, South Dakota and Virginia.

We are expanding and looking for partners in all states who understand the critical need for improved STEM performance for middle and high school students. I look forward to working with you to empower and develop teachers to ensure student success.

Dave Saba