Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How do you improve AP performance? Start in Middle School!

Laying the Foundation (LTF) believes that AP performance starts with training Pre-AP teachers. From our materials:

Research shows that teachers are the key ingredient to improving student performance. For this reason, LTF provides a comprehensive teacher training program that ensures teachers have the strategies, pedagogy, and content knowledge necessary to raise the level of instructional rigor.

Laying the Foundation does not provide a curriculum. LTF’s approach is to provide, in conjunction with the teacher training program, an extensive and ever-growing collection of lessons, labs, projects, and formative assessments that can be used to raise the level of instructional rigor of any curriculum. This feature allows districts to make the critical curricular decisions about how LTF materials are embedded into the existing curriculum to meet the Common Core Standards.
More to come but you should have LTF in your state / district.