Thursday, August 25, 2011

Efficient and Cost Effective Higher Ed

New York Times with a nice piece on Burk Smith and entitled "A Way to Speed the Pace".  Their online program allows students to complete their gen ed courses at significantly lower rates than going to a university - plus you can complete the course on your own time.  The idea of completing freshman year for less than $1,000 and doing it in significantly less time is a game changer in higher education.

College is not affordable and Burk and his incredibly awesome team are fixing that.  He is not just cutting tuition by a third over going to a state school, it also eliminates a full year of housing, living expenses and for many, lost wages.  Literally for a tenth of the cost, students can complete their freshman year - and do it in six months. 

It's not just the earth moving in Baltimore - there is also a huge paradigm shift.